Quality Focus at FGL

Machines, processes and quality testing equipments deployed by FGL ensure high quality of alloys. FGL ensures the following quality aspects of quality in its alloys:

Chemical Composition- Test samples are drawn at regular intervals during ingot casting to ensure that each sample is within the defined chemical composition specifications.

Inclusions- Refining carried out on molten metal bath in furnaces ensures that aluminium alloys produced by FGL are free of inclusions. Etch pit tests are carried out to ensure that produced alloys do not have inclusions.

Degassing- Degassing is carried out through high quality of inert gases. Pin hole tests are carried out to ensure that produced alloy is free of hydrogen content and has no porosity.

Homogenity- Production process at FGL ensures adequate mixing of various alloying elements into aluminium. Microscopic analysis is carried out to ensure that produced alloys have high quality of homogeinity.

How FGL Maintains Quality

Right Production Equipments

State-of-the-Art Quality Lab

Continuous Training of Human Resources

Methodical CAPA on Identification of any Shortcoming

Well Defined Processes in Cold Refining, Melting, Degassing, Filtration, Inclusion Corrections, etc.

Well Defined Quality Processes

Good Quality of Scrap from Established and Reputed Sources

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